SEO and AI: How AI can improve your ranking

SEO and AI: How AI can improve your ranking

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SEO and AI: How AI can improve your ranking

More than 80% of marketers who use artificial intelligence (AI) claim good results for their businesses. Many companies are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into various methods, including SEO and content marketing. How do you include AI into your SEO material, though?

While it may sound difficult, using AI for SEO is simple because it is largely based on your AI application. As a result, your company can use AI to boost your SEO and content strategy in only five simple steps. Are you prepared to begin?

In the past, good keyword research may have been enough to get your article ranked high. However, SEO has become considerably more sophisticated in recent years, and you’ll need all the aid you can get to keep up.

AI already improves content topic generation, content optimisation, and keyword research. It also shows no signs of slowing down in assisting digital marketers in achieving more significant results.

How AI Can Help SEO

AI is a muddled phrase that takes on several meanings depending on the situation. It can refer to anything from far-fetched conceptions like sentient programs to more mundane tasks like speech recognition. However, deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing are commonly used for SEO. SEO specialists can use SEO to improve their workflow in various ways and see continuous increases in website traffic.

Let’s look at how artificial intelligence can aid your SEO strategy.

Marketing is a numbers game, according to data analysis. So, as part of developing an SEO strategy, you’ll need to examine those figures to see how well you perform. Without artificial intelligence, all of this number-crunching would be impossible.

Website analytic tools might make finding information easier for your content marketing team. As a result, they will be able to improve their performance and produce more outstanding results for your company. AI can assist you in analysing this data so that you may learn from previous successful marketing campaigns and develop a better SEO strategy for yourself.

content evaluation

Content Evaluation

Of course, AI might help SEO more than just crunching stats. For instance, you may utilise AI to analyse existing content to figure out what makes it successful or not.

  • What are the best practices for content creators?
  • What keywords do they employ?
  • What is the length of the articles?

It can answer all of this thanks to the many technologies used by SEO experts. Furthermore, having a deeper understanding of existing successful content will motivate you to develop your material in various ways.


When used effectively, artificial intelligence can help organisations automate a large portion of their monotonous work. In today’s competitive and fast-paced workplace, you can’t say no. To lead the way in productivity, you should always replace time-consuming approaches with more streamlined practices.

AI-powered SEO content can help your content marketing team work more efficiently in market research, data filtration, and content generation by supporting them in these areas.

SEO for Voice and Text

While much of the discussion about SEO focuses on the textual parts, it should not overlook voice search. Voice search is used by 135 million individuals in the United States alone.

AI can assist you in improving your voice search optimisation. People’s words and phrases differ from those found in textual searches. AI can assist you in improving your voice search optimisation. To optimise your SERP, AI can assist you in distinguishing between voice and text search behaviours

Better User Experience

Better User Experience

But how can you make your company appealing to your target market? UX is a doubt, a game-changer.

By improving the content, AI will enhance the user experience, and following that, it will personalise their experience. The search patterns and previous encounters with search engines will assist AI in making an informed judgment about what your target audience may do in the future.

It will then customise our search engine experience to get better search results based on our requirements. AI may optimise your website’s technical components to make it run more consistently and quickly, improving user experience.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in SEO

It’s one thing to have a theoretical understanding of AI and its SEO benefits, but it’s another to have the practical skills to use it appropriately. Furthermore, knowing how to use what you’ve learned will determine your success in utilising the advantages of AI-based search engine optimisation.

Optimisation of Content

AI for SEO allows you to improve content before it is published on your website for all to view. You may examine the content at your fingertips with AI SEO tools.

  • How should your paragraph be structured?
  • Which headings should I use?
  • Relevance of content and more

These are all critical factors in achieving a high SERP. By understanding your website’s content, AI SEO technologies can help you find interlinking opportunities. When the AI detects a topic about which you already have an article, it will automatically propose that you link to it.

Keyword Research

It’s one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of SEO. Even if the reader’s experience is significant, keywords are still essential. On the other hand, keyword research takes a long time when done manually.

AI for SEO allows you to select keywords with low competition and high traffic. Artificial intelligence will help you discover new subjects.

  • Look for keywords that are related to your business.
  • Analyse the number of searches or volume for each keyword
  • Use AI to identify keywords where you might be more competitive.
Analyze SERP's

Analysis of SERPs

Your material must prove itself on the search engine results page. So, we can’t emphasise enough how critical it is to comprehend why the top spots are occupied with their content. After all, they are your rivals. To examine the similarities between the top-ranking content, you can use AI for SEO.

  • What issues are they discussing?
  • What is the format of their articles?
  • What do you think of their blog design and images?


Use AI to determine the best keyword density, paragraph volume, and image size. Then, to move closer to the top results, compare your material to theirs. Finally, use AI to reverse engineer the keys to success so you may apply it for your purposes.

Generating Topics

To get your material out there, you need to deliver good value to your readers, and AI content technologies can help you do that. Making the millionth post on an already-overused topic will not increase your visitors. Instead, the topics you choose will determine whether or not your marketing campaign succeeds. Allow AI to suggest new topics for you and examine the data on these topics that already exist.

Content Development

It is a sensitive subject. Some argue that it dehumanises creative work, while others say it is a cost-effective content creation technique. The truth is most likely in the middle.

  • AI already has knowledge of past content and information on the most beneficial SEO trends. AI can even create content, especially if your material is technical.
  • AI-generated content is currently far inferior to that produced by professional writers.


Some writers utilise it as a starting point for their articles, then change the content and add originality to make it more palatable.

Important Takeaways

Every day, the requirements for excellent SEO change. The rules of the game change at any time, just as we start to comprehend it better. However, some of the standards remain the same. So, to become an industry figurehead, you must adapt to its evolving ways and stay ahead of the curve.

AI is simply one tool that can assist you in achieving your objectives. It will aid your adaptation process in a variety of ways. The most excellent part is how promising it appears to be. AI has just recently begun to use SEO, yet it already seems to be the best buddy of content marketers.

Though our agency Creative Monk does not specialize in AI, we can help you if you need help growing or getting your page’s ranking off the ground! Reach out to learn more.

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