Social Media Marketing Company in Chandigarh

Social Media Marketing Company in Chandigarh

Social Media Marketing Company in Chandigarh – Having a strong social media presence on the web for your business is the key to successful companies in these modern times. Trying to keep up with your customers on the ever-growing numbers on social media platforms can be very demanding and also an intensive task. Having a social media campaign that is successful is very extensive and time-consuming. From checking and replying to loads of public and private messages, creating well-written content for each social media platform & dealing with public relations issues, your brands need it all. Due to this, many businesses shy away from making use and leveraging social media despite the significant marketing benefits it has. Ready to work with the best digital and social media marketing company? Contact us Best Social Media Marketing Company in Chandigarh.

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Why Social Media Marketing in Chandigarh?

A social media marketing agency in Chandigarh is the best thing that bridges the gap between consumers and business owners. A customized social media marketing campaign can help you utilize the social media channels as a platform to rise above the noise and get connected to your targeted audience. Prioritizing the value addition to the customers, you can get stunning results in the form of increased brand awareness and inflated ROI.

Why Social Media Marketing in Chandigarh?

Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Chandigarh for all type of business:

Increase Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty

Social Media is the platform where your brand’s voice can be heard loud and clear. Your social media network helps new customers to access and recognize you as a brand. Making your presence felt, connecting and interacting with people on social media helps you convert them from regular customers into your brand loyal.

Boost Traffic

Social media serves you with a great advantage in boosting your inbound traffic. Without social media, you can get only a limited number of visitors searching for your currently ranking keywords. But social media opportune you to share quality content and generate organic traffic and more qualified leads.

Enhances Social Digital Exposure

With worldwide access, easy uploading & sharing and a huge amount of people using the internet, your well-formulated social media strategy can enhance your digital exposure exponentially. Eliminating the boundary walls of your workplace social media can help you establish a significant position in the digital marketplace across the globe.

Better Rankings

Social media helps you in acquiring better organic rankings. Having a significant social media presence signals the search engines of your credibility and trustworthiness. An efficient Search engine optimization coupled with an effective social media strategy can bring a remarkable difference in your search rankings.

High Conversion Rate

With increased digital exposure and improved inbound traffic, your business gets the best opportunity of witnessing high conversions. Every post on your social media including a blog, image or a video when appropriately attended to personifies your brand. Time taken to interact with your customers is the best initiative taken to leave a positive impression leading to a higher conversion rate.

Types of Social Media Marketing Services Creative Monk provide in Chandigarh

We have a team of highly talented social media marketing Chandigarh and known for providing Social Media Marketing Company in Chandigarh, India for several businesses like real estate, pharma companies, educational institutes, eCommerce, etc.

Some of our social media offerings include:

If you are looking to solidify your presence in social media, Creative Monk best digital marketing company in India is at your service.

Our Process:

We aim to create a social media marketing funnel that rightly resonates with your identity, generates results, saves time and money.

Social media Content Calendar Creation

The entry point of the funnel, where the customer has potential is pitched the idea and marketed to through quality content. Superior web pages, catchy photography, attentive graphics, email drips and videos are some streams created used to capture the user's interest to direct them to your website/page/application. The idea of this stage is to create powerful content and create a roadmap that tells your brand story. We create a social media calendar because behind every post or hashtag, there is a platform that allows for monetisation.

Publish & engage

The internet is a place where opinions can change every minute after being influenced, and so it is crucial that we publish the content we create in the right way, on the right platform. Social media users want to notice and engage, which means they want to see constant engaging and relevant content on their feed if they notice you. Our team of experts understand what ticks all the right boxes with your target audience and manage them across all channels through consistent, timed, SEO friendly posts, which act as lead magnets.


The next step is to interact with your audience, give them regular updates, replying to queries and messages, so you know the interest groups. Retargeting, email drips and text messages to convert their interests into sale or revenue generation activity. This is done through meticulous execution, keeping the SEO algorithm and exposure in mind. This drives organic traffic to websites, storefronts and omnichannel sales outlets.


A good process is fruitful only when you can measure the success of your efforts. We have specialised tools in addition to the popular metric measuring tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Pilot that measure traction, traffic and conversions generated from the social media marketing campaigns. It provides valuable insights on monitoring engagement and forecasting, apart from revenue streams or leakages.

Why Choose Creative Monk As Your Social Media Marketing Company in Chandigarh?

Well, we also know that there are several companies available in the market. Who are providing SMM services or providing Facebook marketing services? We know how much difficult for you to choose the right firm for your company. Well in that case results in matters most.

All types of SMO services which are provided by Creative Monk are 100% result oriented. We have a proven track record of our results which we think is the best part. We have only one goal behind providing SMO services is that you can get as much as business. In order to get business results has the main role. If you are not even visible to the user then it is of no use.

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