Static Website

Static Website

As one of the fastest-growingstatic website design companies in Chandigarh, Creative Monk has been offering a wide array of website design and development services. With some of the best static web designers in Chandigarh in our core team, we have been able to satisfy clients, promising them with optimized solutions often beyond their expectations. We are also one of the top static website designing companies in Chandigarh and in being so, we offer excellent static websites, designed and developed as per your specific business requirements. So, let’s first understand what a static website is all about before moving on to our solutions in details.

Static Website?

Today, the increasingly demanding competitive scenario has made every business entrepreneur understand the importance of a well-designed and extremely functional website. But before you step into the field of getting your website developed in an ideal manner, you need to know about the two most common types of websites you can have. These are Static Websites and Dynamic Websites. Now, simplistically put, static websites are those that cannot have their content changed without its source code being edited by a developer. Dynamic websites, on the other hand, can display varying content from the same source code. Now, whether you go for a static website or a dynamic website should depend on the type of website being developed and whether the format is helping each of the webpages serve its designated purpose.

Why Us?

Creative Monk has made its way to the top of the list of static website design agencies in Chandigarh and this is not without reason. We begin by understanding your requirements in thorough details and guide you on what could be the best possible solution. After this, we begin by preparing a list of tasks that are to be accomplished within a given period. Once we are ready with the first draft, we consult with you and get your approval/suggestions before moving the way forward. Because our experts have in-depth knowledge and vast experience of developing different kinds of websites including static ones, they leave no stones unturned to ensure that you are delivered with nothing short of the best.

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Dynamic Website

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