Social Media Marketing for International Real Estate

International Real Estate Social Media Marketing

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International Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Having an internet site and running a weblog does not suffice to market your real estate business in 2022. Social media marketing has been growing in significance over a previous couple of years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further improved this fashion.

As a real estate agent or broker, you have to get on social media if you want a good way to compete in the enterprise and continue producing leads. The good news is that this section of virtual advertising and marketing doesn’t require any unique technical talents or previous experience. All that’s needed is to create a strategy and start enforcing it, diligently and systematically.

To help you get started, we’ve positioned this guide on a way to develop the last social media advertising and marketing method as an agent.

Top 3 Tips for Creating Social Media Marketing Strategies for International Real Estate

1. Finding out the potential clients

The first and vital step is what other virtual advertising organizations miss.

For advertising or reaching out, the business enterprise has to understand the purchaser’s needs as well as the kind of customer base it has. For a real estate enterprise that focuses specifically on selling, the shoppers might be financially settled, generally in their 40s or above. This consists of business proprietors, agency CEOs, founders, directors, and other like-minded people. You may also talk with the customer to get more insight into the type of possibilities their enterprise offers.

2. Promote the locality, not just the residence!

Homebuyers want to know everything there is to know about the good, bad, and ugly of any community they are considering moving to. However, most real estate blogs provide purchasers with basic demographic information and possibly some flowery verbiage about the location. Instead, use your social media networks to present capable customers with a far fuller understanding of the markets you serve, allowing them to appreciate the benefits and drawbacks of each group.

Many cities have a Twitter account called “@cityof…” that you can mention in your tweets. Use these handles to sell homes in that city that you’ve indexed. City officials on Twitter are usually receptive to these shout-outs and may retweet you, expanding your post’s reach to their followers.

Enroll with Social Media

3. Enroll with Your Social Media Audience

Last but not least, you should take in the requirement to engage with your followers while developing your social media strategy. There’s a reason why it’s called social media. It’s all about interacting with your audience and being sociable.

You already have exceptional people skills as an agent or broker, and social media marketing is the perfect place to put them to use. To begin, you must answer as quickly as possible any comments or questions you get. Communicating with users who have demonstrated an interest in interacting with you on social media is a proven technique to generate leads.

What are the best sorts of real estate content for social media?

Let’s talk about the many forms of real estate social media postings now that we know which networks reflect our top objectives.

Unlike most sectors, real estate does not need you to be timid about what you’re selling on social media.

It’s critical to have a diversified (and non-sales-y) content schedule when it comes to real estate marketing concepts. Rather than hammering your followers with sales pitches, here’s an example of what you may post to expand and engage your audience.

Photographs of the property

Here’s some good news: material on social media for real estate is very visual.

That’s why so many real estate companies’ social campaigns include spectacular, high-resolution property photographs.

Eye-catching photographs not only promote “likes” and “shares,” but they also compel your followers to contact you. It’s worth noting that nearly all photo-based real estate content is accompanied by writing that “sells” the property and also includes details and contact information.

But how do you make your photographs stand out? Use your imagination! Premium Instagram filters and interactive photographs (think Facebook’s 360 photos) are available.

Client testimonials

Client testimonies and success stories

One of the most valuable features of real estate social media posts is the potential to share success stories with clients.

When it comes to choosing an agent or organisation, your clients have a lot of options, thus the more proof you can show of happy customers, the better.

That’s why we see so many images documenting a client’s journey from start to finish, culminating in their closing day.

How can you increase your social media following as a real estate company?

Let’s talk about growth to sum things up. Even if you have content to post and know how to generate leads, you still need to attract new followers.

Here are some crucial points to consider if you want to grow and maintain your following.

Promote your social media profiles as much as you can.

There are no secrets here. If you use social media, you should tell your clients and prospects about it. Here are a few suggestions for boosting your social media presence:

  • Use icons to display your social media accounts on your homepage (see below)
  • Make your social media accounts visible in your email signature (Wisestamp has some awesome templates for this)
  • For networking meetings, including social media icons on your business card.


For real estate brokers, social media is unquestionably the way to the future. As a result, you should get started as soon as possible in order to keep ahead of the competition. Now that you’ve finished reading our guide, you’ve learned everything you need to know about developing an effective social media marketing strategy for your real estate business.

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