Guide to Social Media Tactics: Increasing Engagement & Brand Awareness

Grow Your Brand: Social Media Strategies

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Grow Your Brand: Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies are an excellent approach to contacting the billions of individuals who use various social media platforms worldwide. Users from all over the world can connect and share stories, make new friends, and discover new interests using these platforms.

A social media strategy is a terrific method to use social media’s potential to get your content in front of your target audience. Your content will appear in between postings from users’ friends and family, increasing the likelihood that they will notice what you’re selling.

Marketing on Social Media

Take your company to one of the many social media networks accessible and use those platforms to grow your consumer base through social media marketing. A significant section of your audience is likely to use social media, from Twitter to LinkedIn. The finest social media marketers know how to use their online presence.

Social media should be a part of any successful digital content strategy to help you achieve your business objectives. You can reach your target audience significantly more efficiently than using traditional advertising tactics by utilizing the algorithms that guide content on social media.

Marketing Strategies for Social Media

Most social media networks make it simple to develop, schedule, and run an ad campaign in just a few minutes. When used in conjunction with regular postings, your advertising can help you get the most significant interaction.

It would be best to keep a few things when growing your social media presence and developing your social media marketing campaign. When creating your social media plan, keep the following marketing methods in mind.

Don't just give promotional content

Although it may seem contradictory, you’ll want to keep the amount of promotional social media content you post to a minimum to build a following and increase interaction. It is due to two factors.

To begin with, users have no personal investment in your business. They use social media to communicate with friends, family, and influencers who share valuable information. Users are more likely to click the follow button if you present information that they can relate to.

Second, imagine a user who decides to follow you but is constantly bombarded with promotional content. In that instance, customers may learn swiftly from bad feelings against your brand. If your content’s frequency is perceived as intrusive, users may unsubscribe.

Make sure your timing is correct

One post per day is good for reducing brand fatigue among consumers. You should, however, intersperse your posts with other enjoyable activities. Funny films, user-generated content, and staff members partaking in TikTok trends, for example, are all excellent methods to demonstrate your human side.

Using a social media calendar or other scheduling tools to schedule posts ahead of time is one method to guarantee you’re sharing the correct mix of promotional and fun material. Scheduling will also make you feel less stressed about coming up with new ideas daily.

Advertising analytics can also decide the optimal time to broadcast promotional material versus content that will increase engagement and awareness.

Correct timing

Select Scroll-stopping images

With the introduction of Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok in recent years, social media has become picture and video-based increasingly. As a result, consumers are skimming for anything interesting to engage with rather than stopping to read.

If you’re promoting a product, a fast video that shows how to use it is considerably more likely to encourage a consumer to stop scrolling than an extended advertisement. If you want to share something non-promotional, you can join in on social media trends like dances or voiceovers, demonstrating how approachable your company is.

Write effective Ad copy

While a beautiful image can entice a user to stop scrolling, your ad copy must be flawless to provide your audience with additional information about your goods. A wall of words explaining why someone should spend time reading your piece will keep a user scrolling. Make it as short and sweet as possible–no more than fifty words. You want to provide information that is simple to understand.

Consider what has already worked

If you’ve had success with particular adverts or material in the past, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t reuse or repurpose it. So look at your social media analytics to discover which paid advertising was successful in the past and give them a new spin to make them more relevant today.

Explore User-generated content (UGC)

Great reviews and testimonials are essential for any business. A real-world example of an ordinary person using your product, such as a video on social media, informs potential customers to “choose me” faster than anything else. Many brands can benefit from user-generated content.

The advantage of user-generated content is that the people who create it are thought to be trustworthy and influential. Because of this trust, social media users are more willing to test out new products.

If you’re still unsure how it works, a fast internet search for “TikTok items” will bring up page after page of products that have become popular due to user-generated content.

When sharing a user’s social media post, keep in mind that you’re also sharing their profile and everything that comes with it. So, before you use that person’s content, make sure their profile doesn’t contain anything that could harm your brand.

Identify potential partners

In addition to the algorithm, influencers and brands are two essential elements that drive interaction across all social media platforms. So remember to tag influencers or brands who could be interested in your content when you post on social media.

Influencer Marketing


Influencers are social media users with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers who watch their content daily. If you have a product that you think an influencer might enjoy, you should use influencer marketing.

Putting your product in the hands of an influencer who will include it in a sponsored post is influencer marketing. If an influencer feels your product is worth trying, you’ll be able to get your brand’s name in front of millions of people in a way that they’ll be interested in.

Don’t forget about the little guy when it comes to influencers. Micro-influencers, who don’t have quite the same social media following as some vast names, are generally thought to be more trustworthy than well-known influencers. They also tend to represent specialist industries, which can be beneficial if your company belongs to one.


Tagging brands in your postings is an excellent digital marketing approach because it benefits you and the other brand. Commissioned work is a perfect example of the mutually beneficial nature of tagging brands.

Assume you’re an indie author who has recently commissioned character artwork from a well-known indie artist. Tagging that artist in a social media post is a terrific strategy to promote your brand. You’ll not only be providing that artist with free advertising, but you’ll also be exposing your stuff to anyone who follows them.

The human factor

People from various walks of life can communicate through social media. Every day, teenagers, seniors, and everyone in-between interact. The finest content developers understand how to tap into this massive user base and figure out how to engage as many as possible.

Find as many ways to convey your brand’s human side on social media to establish your name. Using the Live feature on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram is a terrific method.

Going live on social media can help your business in several ways. For starters, it raises brand awareness. Even if you don’t mention your product once during your Live, being there increases awareness of you and your brand. It also lets your audience communicate with you in real-time, which may be entertaining.


Any brand or business can benefit from social media marketing. New people join social media networks every day, allowing you to reach out to new people.

If your social media marketing efforts haven’t yielded results yet, consider that it takes time to gain traction on social media. If you adopt the correct social media methods, you’ll be on your way.

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