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We provide a 360° approach to Digital Marketing with services ranging from Search to Content to Social Media to Website Design to Mobile Advertising. We consult, strategies and execute to deliver #DigitalExcellence!

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We aspire to be your “ROI Driven” & “Accountable” Digital Marketing Services in Chandigarh. We are 5+ Year Experience in Innovation and have 70+ Customer All Across Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Creative Monk believes in a customer-centric approach which made us best Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh.

Seo services in Chandigarh

Search Engine Optimization

We offer best SEO services in Chandigarh that improve ranking of your website & enhance your sales.
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Search Engine Marketing Services in Chandigarh

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
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Social Media Management Services in Chandigarh

Social Media Management

Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms.
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SMM Company Chandigarh

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Agency in Chandigarh - We offer best Social media marketing services. SMM is the method to increase the website traffic by advertising your business on social media platforms.
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PPC Company in Chandigarh

Pay Per Click

PPC stands for pay-per-click, is a way to generate clicks to your website, rather than “earning” those clicks organically by using search engine advertisements
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Local business Marketing Services

Local Business Marketing

Creative Monk provides you best local business marketing services which includes local SEO, Google map listing, social media, website conversion optimization & referrals to increase conversion and online visibility.
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Creative Monk


Digital marketing is leveraging digital technologies, tactics, and channels to connect organizations with existing and prospective customers. It helps businesses grow, in spite of constraints like location, by enabling them to reach a targeted audience. It is a way to influence audiences online – be it through a website, blogs, video content, social media, or partnerships. Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving field and marketers must constantly be up-to-date and informed in order to stay ahead of competitors.

The truly unique thing about digital marketing is that we can reach large audiences as well as niche segments of these audiences without compromising scale. Unlike traditional marketing, we can also track the success of digital campaigns down to revenue, engagement, clicks, leads etc.

Digital Marketing can be of many types:

Inbound Vs Outbound:

Inbound Marketing or “Pull” Marketing involves creating content, blogs, and email newsletters that people actually wish to read. SEO and paid search help people find this content. If this content is engaging, it helps build a brand’s equity in the reader’s mind and may drive long-term action.

Outbound marketing or “push” marketing is one-way communication designed to push a product to audiences. This includes traditional forms of marketing as well as display advertising and social media advertising.

Performance Marketing vs Branding

Performance marketing typically constitutes marketing driven to generate sales such as search engine marketing and social media advertising. This will be directly related to acquiring leads and customers and generating revenue.

Branding Marketing is not based on directly selling and is designed to build your brand equity. Examples of digital channels for this are content marketing and social media. These build brand awareness, assist customers, provide valuable information, and build long-term brand connections for the brand.

Popular digital marketing channels include the following:


Search engine optimization is the process of gaining organic traffic through improving visibility on search engines. By understanding the way websites are ranked on the SERPs, one can optimize a website’s content to ensure that it ranks well for relevant searches.


Search engine marketing is the process of gaining paid traffic through search engines. Google AdWords is the most popular paid search platform and drives audiences with high intent to websites.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a long-term strategy of creating and distributing valuable, unique content in order to connect with a clearly defined audience.

Social Media

Social media marketing is yet another way to connect with current and potential customers. This can be organic through brand handles on channels like Facebook and Instagram or paid through their advertising platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is commission-led marketing – affiliate networks and blogs across the world promote other products and content and earn from subsequent sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing or newsletters is marketing by way of keeping your existing customers updated with your brand and its products.

Today in the Digital era a business needs an online presence because facts strongly show that 88% of customers pre-research their requirements online before making a purchase either online or in-store. Digital Marketing Services help to build customer relationships and digital marketing is the only way to reach globally and identify the proper target audience. Digital marketing experts at Creative Monk, Chandigarh analyze and suggest a result-driven & well-targeted digital marketing campaign for your business.

Any business establishment needs promotion to grow as a business. It entirely depends on the kind of audience you want to draw. If you have a product or service that is meant for a wide range of audiences, Online digital marketing is your best option. Digital marketing enables you to interact better with your customers. You can generate leads, build your brand and engage with least expense on your marketing budget.

A digital marketing agency drives results-based marketing strategy, focusing on delivering ROI and helping a brand fulfill its objectives using digital skills and technology. They develop strategies to maximize awareness and acquire leads. Digital agencies need to be fast-paced and and balance user-experience with brand perspective.

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